Dry Erase Wall Paint Uses

Unleash Collaboration and Contribution From Everyone, Everywhere

ThinkPaint creates a think tank anywhere!

When a new product enables you to do more for less, it's big news and worth taking note. Certainly in an era when public agencies fight a daily budget crunch and businesses of all types battle rising costs, it's a real game changer. ThinkPaint is all that and more. Highest quality, and best value for its flexibility and long-lasting durability.

Limited only by your imagination

Imagine transforming a blank wall or a wall adorned with decorative wall hangings into a boundless area, one where you can easily participate, share and promote new ideas and collaborate. Use it anywhere people meet, work or learn, unleash their creativity and get ROI from what previously only held up the ceiling. Easy to install, stain-resistant and delivering years of performance.


Schools and Classrooms

Learning without limits

Unleash latent student creativity that blank walls with posters simply can't with a collaborative platform for students to express themselves, share ideas and problem solve. From math problems to creative writing, art projects to football plays, engage students because there is room for all with freedom to communicate without pressure, fear or insecurity. There's no better way to get more bang for your facility's budget dollar and  keep thrift conscious administrators and accountants happy.

Dry Erase Whiteboard Paint - Schools

Offices and Businesses

Empowered thinking

Offices and businesses of every size have one thing in common, lots of walls. Transform an uninspiring conference room into places where bold ideas are shared, problems are solved and your team energetically adds value as they accomplish more. Meetings with engaged employees translate into stronger teams that are empowered to collaborate with room enough for everyone's participation and collaboration. Walls become a true creative asset for all, with value and durability making it a smart investment in your facilities.

Dryt Erase Whiteboard Paint - Office or Business

Architects and Interior Designers

Collaboration Stations

Finally a creative environment as big and bold as the next great real estate project and a way to integrate team members into the process as never before. Overcome the old limitations of a conventional whiteboard system that can’t encompass vision and whose size limits participation. Limitations of scale are replaced by a working laboratory that's as big as your needs and creativity. Energize your team with your vision to not just paint, but ThinkPaint.

Dry Erase Wall Paint for Architects and Designers

Sales Organizations

Unleashed Sales Energy

We all know the truth about unproductive sales meetings. They're more the norm than the exception. People counted on to make it happen are talked at and too often tune-out. Opportunities to energize are all too rare. Until now. Analyze deals, craft strategies, address the toughest customer challenges and more. You’ll encourage participation that inspires rather than sending eyeballs rolling. Give your team a new creative playground and an innovative perspective and watch what happens. More sales.


Marketing and Advertising

Room for the Biggest Ideas

From the most ingenious campaigns to the highest converting ads, nowhere is the creative process more pressing than in the marketing world. ThinkPaint is a creative tool that’s simply perfect for creative teams where ideas are born, tested, modified, rejected, buried and even resuscitated on an ongoing basis. Do it with room to capture the multi- faceted nuances of complex processes and support the mission and the client. Imagine an interactive presentation room’s impact on prospective clients.

Dry Erase Whiteboard Paint - Sales

Engineering and R&D

Scale is no longer a problem

When a blackboard or whiteboard simply isn't big enough, we can help. Now the biggest, most challenging projects can be tackled by teams working collaboratively and more effectively. ThinkPaint walls allow your staff to map out even the most complex scenarios. Discover how ThinkPaint Think Tanks make it easier for everyone to do more. If big ideas require more space, reengineer yours with a coat of ThinkPaint.


Lean Manufacturing


Need to make process improvements with your team? ThinkPaint walls are your answer to getting participation from all your employees. Need to work on 5S and eliminate waste from your process operations? Let your team diagram and draw their way to a more productive plant.


Every Team Deserves a Bigger Canvas

Over a half a century ago the first white boards were a smart alternative to bulletin boards and blackboards, but they’ve always suffered from limitations that no longer need to slow you down. ThinkPaint changes that. No longer limited by size, durability, life-span or cost, create an entire dry erase wall –or even a complete room – making the space look and feel larger and encouraging ideas. Best of all, do it for less than what a whiteboard costs when cost is calculated on a square foot basis.

Empower Your Team with ThinkPaint

  • Easier, more accessible collaboration
  • An environment to think and create
  • ROI from what was formerly a blank wall
  • Greater productivity from every meeting
  • Innovation to attract and retain top talent

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