The Highest Performing Dry Erase Wall Paint for Whiteboards

Take a fresh look at your walls. Consider your walls valuable and underused vertical real estate. Now you can transform any smooth surface into an erasable whiteboard canvas to collaborate and create in ways far beyond what’s possible with a traditional whiteboard. It’s no longer just a wall, but a hidden source of ROI waiting to be unlocked.

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  • “It’s great!”
    - Safety Vision
    “I am very impressed with the product, the paint covered the space and this morning I was able to write on it and erase with no problems at all”
    - A&B Hardware
  • "The paint went on easily and we like it better than the other dry-erase paint we’ve used...It seems brighter and cleaner."
    - WeatherSure
    “Installation was very easy. The product is great! I have several areas around the office with other dry erase products on them. ThinkPaint is a superior product. It was a much harder finish...this makes it more visible and easier to clean. I would highly recommend this product. The finish is awesome and cleans very easily…”
    - CHBriggs
  • “We love it. It works great and looks great.”
    - Eagle Group LLC
    “We had a very good experience with the product and we think it works very well, wipes off cleanly...hasn’t had any ghosting…the product went on well and definitely works.”
    - Soles4Souls
  • "It’s an impressive product. We’ve tried other brands before and were not as pleased."
    - Travel Advantage Network
    "We installed it and feel it is a superior product to the product we have installed throughout our offices."
    - Ameriflex
  • "No smell- Other brands have a very strong odor that last for days. Dry erase marker cleans completely as stated even if it is left on for days."
    - Gemline

Connect, Collaborate, Create

There are times when game changing innovation comes from unexpected sources. ThinkPaint is one of those. Beyond truly superior quality is a smart, affordable business communication tool that turns any wall, anywhere, into whiteboards for organizations and teams to share ideas as never before.

Engage them instead of sending eyeballs rolling

You’ll get more from every meeting by unleashing the creative power of your people, providing them a dynamic collaboration tool by simply repainting a wall. Brainstorming is redefined as your team visually shares ideas and is encouraged to create new ones. ThinkPaint empowers creativity without limits.

Dry Erase Paint In Use

A smart investment for all the right reasons

Now you can create spaces that are more than just ordinary spaces. ThinkPaint invites teamwork and participation, unlocks imagination and brings total design flexibility everywhere. From the boardroom to the home office, its superior commercial durability is unequaled.

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