You’ve made the decision to turn one or more of your walls into whiteboards to give your team plenty of space to work and express their ideas. The only problem is, white clashes with the aesthetic of the room. If you’ve already invested in the furniture and décor of the workspace, it’s impractical to make changes that will cost more time and money. The question becomes, does whiteboard paint have to be white? Can whiteboard paint be tinted to match the color and style of the workspace? The answer is yes and no. While it’s true that adding a small amount of color will change the hue and make the end product the exact tone you’re looking for, it’s also true that combining dry erase paint with another product will change its performance. Even adding a small amount of additional color will affect the erase-ability of the product and is therefore not recommended. After all, it’s useless to have a dry erase wall that doesn’t actually erase. Rather than giving up, there are a few solutions if you need a slight tint in order to make your dry erase wall match the décor of the workspace.

Paint the Wall First

Since most dry erase paint companies produce clear paint as opposed to white, you can paint the walls you plan to use in your preferred color first. Then, cover the space with clear dry erase paint. The advantage of this option is having the exact color that enhances the visual appeal of the area. If you choose to go this route, make sure to select colors for the walls that will still allow the dry erase markers to be highly visible, thereby maximizing the effectiveness of the workspace. Unless you plan to use the entire wall, carefully mark the area to be covered with a border so the dry erase paint can be applied evenly. Also keep in mind that clear dry erase paint will yellow over time.

Whiteboard Paint Customization

Leading dry erase paint companies provide the option to customize the color of your paint. Because they use special formulas, they can produce tinted dry erase paint that maintains the properties that make the product erase-able. Also, the pigmented paint will yellow less because there is an element of UV protection that clear dry erase paint doesn’t have. High quality pigmented dry erase paint retains the color and gloss even if the wall is exposed to sunlight. There may be an extra charge, as with other customization options such as higher and lower levels of gloss. Talk to the company that produces the whiteboard paint about your specific needs to see what choices are available. Once you’ve made the decision to enhance your office by turning your walls into whiteboards, take the time to explore your options. There’s no need to redecorate the room to match the walls, or to ruin the color scheme you already have in place. Professionals can help you transform your walls into a functional part of your workspace and get the most for your money.