Dry erase wall paint converts dull walls of classrooms into an Educational Zone. No need to install any messy chalkboards and traditional crack-prone boards. No need to pay a significant amount to install those large whiteboards or move your entire belongings to fix them. A dry board paint consists of two separate solutions. All you need to do is mix them and paint them on your wall. Apart from that, dry erase boards carry several other advantages in the educational sector.

How whiteboard paint makes your classroom smarter:

Improves your presentation skills

Now it's easier for anyone to convert a standard room into a presentation platform. The thick glass coat of the dry-erase board paint provides a fantastic glossy surface, which sharply captures the image of the projector. The difference between traditional whiteboards and dry erase board paint is that it does not stain easily compared to other conventional boards. While you hardly get any scratches on Dry Erase Walls, you can always repair them just by applying a tiny layer of paint.

Keeps track of your teachings

A dry-erase wall paint helps in reorganizing the mind of the teacher or instructor while teaching. Most of the time while teaching, you often come up with a lot of brilliant ideas to share with your students. However, during the process, most of the ideas get lost due to some circumstances. With a dry erase board paint on your wall, you can always note down your thoughts in order and teach them accordingly.

Allows students to grow

Installing a dry-erase board benefits the students in their learning. The usage of whiteboards is not limited to mathematic calculations only. Students can draw various artful projects, diagrams, and drawings. Contrary to traditional blackboards where you need bulky chalks for illustration, in Whiteboards, you can use fancy colorful markers. Students using whiteboards won't get bored at all. Instead, it will help them to get more involved in the classroom.

Ideal for kindergarten Classrooms

Kids in Kindergarten like to explore the place and the more they engage themselves with the activities done in the classroom, it contributes to their mental development. Activities like singing, dancing, and drawing are some of the tasks kids mostly love to do in kindergarten. With drywall paint around, kids can enjoy much better. You can turn the wall into a theatre by installing a projector and ask the children to perform their arts. The whitewall can also be used as a board where children can draw anything they can use their imagination.

Group Interaction

Group interaction often creates bonding and increases their level of interest in a topic. With a Dry-Erase Board around, it will be easier to note down the different point of views of your students and keep the ideas flowing. Vocal point of views is not as impactful as written ones.

In recent years, more schools and colleges are replacing their traditional boards with dry erase wall paint due to their longevity and durability. At a low cost, you will get a whiteboard which can last as long as your classroom's wall.