Clear whiteboard paint is the newest trend to make spaces fun for everyone. Just like video conferencing, a clear whiteboard paint can help a lot in collaboration. The ability to write notes and ideas on the whiteboard can stimulate the brain's creativity. The use of transparent whiteboard paint can increase memory recall and improve problem-solving skills. Since whiteboard paint can be used on any wall surface, this means that you get more space. If you have an idea, you can write it on the spot without worrying about not being able to erase it.

Advantages of whiteboard paint

10-Year Guarantee

Clear whiteboard paint comes with a ten-year guarantee so you do not have to worry about replacing it soon. There are also cleaning materials that are best suited for whiteboards to keep it in excellent condition.

Easy installation

Traditional whiteboards require a professional during installation. With transparent whiteboard paint, you can simply follow a guide and create it yourself.


Traditional whiteboards are non-biodegradable. Dry erase paints, on the other hand, are not harmful to the environment. If you do not want to use your whiteboard paint, you can simply paint over it.

Fits any space

A transparent whiteboard paint can easily be incorporated anywhere you want. It can fit the space where you want to.


You can cover a wide wall while costing you less.


The entire wall can be your entire whiteboard should you wish to.

How to apply transparent whiteboard paint

First of all, measure the area that you want to paint. Use the paint according to instructions and avoid stretching the paint.

Prepare the area that you plan to use and place something on the floor to protect it. The surface that you plan to apply the paint must be cleaned and dusted. The surface must be smooth. You will need two coats of primer.

Mix the paint and stir. Use a roller sleeve that has not been used on water.

Choosing the right surface

There are plenty of surfaces where you can use the whiteboard paint.


This is the latest surface that everybody is talking about. The glass is easy to clean and will not cause any stain or ghosting. Glass can complement office aesthetics. It can also provide a clutter-free writing space. If you have an idea, you can simply get the nearest marker and write it down.

Porcelain and painted steel whiteboards

These won't stain too and they are non-porous. Writing on these whiteboards can be easily read. If you are going to use the whiteboard very often, porcelain is a better choice.

Transparent whiteboards are becoming the thing today. Gone are the traditional whiteboards that eventually have ghosting and are more costly. Transparent ones can be used in the office such as in a meeting. They can keep the flow of ideas coming because you have a big space to write on. Other offices create a whiteboard space on the table so that in case something pops up, you can write on the table right away.