Dry Erase Paint in Schools and Classrooms

Engagement and Creative Expression are the Foundation of the Educational Experience

Dry Erase Paint in Schools and ClassroomsIn the classroom, additions that allow students to express themselves in new and exciting ways can lead to better performance, freer communication, and a generally more robust and engaging environment for everyone.

Whiteboard paint transforms blank walls and posters into a collaborative space unlike anything a screen or chalkboard could provide.

From encouraging sharing of ideas and problem solving in a live, interactive setting, to encouraging new ways to teach and draw students into activities, whiteboard paint walls can fundamentally change how lessons are taught.

Removing the Limits on Learning

With so much more room and so many opportunities to express new ideas, students will be able to tackle math problems, work on creative writing projects, expand on an art project, or engage with each other in ways that traditional space don't allow, all without the pressure, fear or insecurity of a single centralized space in front of the entire class.

And for budget-conscious school districts, it offers an affordable way to get more for your budget dollar while keeping administration and comptrollers happy. Improved results without a ballooned cost that produces an environment to think and create, ideal for learning – it's a strong solution for almost everyone involved.

Think Paint for Your Educational Setting

If you are interested in learning more about what Think Paint can do for your school's previously unused or poster-covered walls, contact us today. Learn how you can empower students to tap into their innate creativity, innovate in their approach to every day projects, and overcome fear of sharing in an entirely new setting with dry erase paint for your walls.

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