Dry Erase Paint for Architects and Interior Designers

Revolutionize How You Work with a Creative Transformation

Design knows no boundaries. It grows and evolves and encompasses all that it must to present an idea in its most perfect state. Traditional whiteboards make this not just difficult but nearly impossible for collaboration.

A brainstorming session can easily be dominated by a single person whose designs cover the entirety of the available space. Creativity can be stifled and ideas are not shared so much as presented.

That's why whiteboard paint and the transformation it can bring to your shared space can truly revolutionize how you work. From doodles of new ideas in your spare time to epic brainstorming and collaboration sessions with fellow designers, the world becomes your canvas. 

Build True Collaboration Stations

What dry erase paint provides is more than just a smarter meeting space. It allows you to build a creative environment that is as big and bold as the next major real estate project on your docket. It allows you to integrate every member of the team into the process, tapping into a larger pool of incredible talent than ever before and draw out new and exciting ideas that may never before have been possible.

The limits that your old whiteboard system placed on your team will be removed, ensuring vision can grow as large as your team can make it. In its stead you will have a working laboratory that can scale to match the scope of the project, team working on it, or ideas being presented. It's not just energizing, it's transformative and you'll never look at projects the same way again. 

Think Paint for Architects and Interior Designers

If you are ready to learn how dry erase paint can transform your boring old meeting rooms and ineffective white boards into the collaboration laboratory you've long known you needed, contact Think Paint. We'll show you how you can create a more accessible collaboration space, increase productivity during your meetings, attract and retain top talent through a culture of innovation, and boost the overall performance of your firm. 

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