Dry Erase Paint for Engineering and Research & Development

Leverage Space and Collaboration for Better Results

Dry Erase Paint for Engineers and R&D

When faced with a large scale project or a problem that refuses to be solved, sometimes the team needs more than time – they need space and collaboration.

But the typical office space doesn't lend itself well toward this type of meeting. Small whiteboards that limit participation, bland walls and empty rooms and stifle creativity – it's not an effective way to draw your smartest people to fix a problem.

That's why dry erase paint from Think Paint is such a powerful tool for Engineering and R&D firms that are constantly tackling big, complicated problems in need of new ideas and creative solutions. By opening your walls and expanding your creative space to engage the problem head on, you can get more out of your team's efforts than ever before. 

Never Worry About Scale when Tackling a Project

When a blackboard or that stained old whiteboard no longer work for the scale of what you're working on, Think Paint offers an ideal solution to your problems. Larger, more challenging problems can now be tackled by your full team in a collaborative environment. By allowing everyone on the team to work together in tackling large problems and complex scenarios in a single room, you can engage the best and brightest all together.

Build your own think tank and give the tools and space needed by your engineers to solve the biggest problems they face on a daily basis. With whiteboard paint applied to the walls of even a single room, the improvements to collaboration, greater meeting productivity, and top tier innovation that will not only attract but retain talent will be apparent.

How Think Paint Can Change Your Engineering Team

Whether you are interested in a complete overhaul of your meeting space or want to build a true think tank with Think Paint, contact us today and ask to learn more about our whiteboard paint solution and how it can revolutionize the shared space in your office. 

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