Dry Erase Paint for Lean Manufacturing

Space and Collaborative Tools to Tackle Big Problems with Big Ideas

When streamlining your manufacturing operations, improving processes to remove unnecessary waste, or working on 5S, you need the space and collaborative tools needed to tackle big problems with big ideas.

Whether you want to try something new or your current workspace just doesn't cut it, that's where whiteboard paint from Think Paint comes in.

We offer a complete creative collaboration space solution that allows you to transform how your team works together to tackle the big problems facing your manufacturing operations.

From planning a kaizen event to approaching the day to day processes under which your plant or warehouse operates, you need as much as space as possible to diagram the problems and build out potential solutions.

The Ultimate Productivity Tool for Manufacturers and Distributors

The key to true productivity improvements in manufacturing is to get input and engagement from all members of the team. But traditional workspaces make it hard to do this. That's why dry erase paint is such a powerful tool. By transforming boring old meeting spaces and empty walls into collaborative white board walls that can be used by everyone in a meeting, you drive full participation and get new ideas.

The result is a fully engaged workforce – individuals who are eager to approach the problems or inefficiencies facing your company and make them better. With enough space for you team to diagram and draw their way to a more productive facility, you get everything you need from the brightest minds on your staff. 

How Think Paint Can Drive Your Lean Manufacturing Initiatives

When the time comes to make a change, contact Think Paint and learn more about what makes our dry erase paint a top performer on the market. Discover how you can create an environment in which thinking and creativity are second nature to your entire team, boosting productivity in meetings, and fostering innovation in new and exciting ways. 

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