About ThinkPaint | Providers of Dry Erase Paint

Our Name Says it All:  ThinkPaint

In business few things are more exciting than building a better mousetrap. The science behind ThinkPaint  is so unique, we have a patent pending. Our parent company, Seagraves Coatings, has set the standard for professional and industrial stains, lacquers, sealants, coatings and more since 1846. We’ve been here many times before. Find us on everything from fine furniture to the finest musical instruments and pretty much all points between.

We have chemists on staff. It’s what we do every day; always have and always will. When we challenged them to develop a truly superior dry-erase paint that picked-up where the others left off and did what they can’t, they were up for the challenge and more than ready. Their efforts exceeded our expectations and ThinkPaint got us … Thinking, Again.

ThinkPaint is better.  Much better.

It’s safer for the environment, made of low volatile organic materials and LEED compliant. ThinkPaint has a ‘Barcol’ hardness of 70%; glass is 100% and our closest competitor only 25%.  100% hiding, means you’ll only use one coat, can use it anywhere, even on exterior surfaces exposed to direct sunlight without yellowing or loss of gloss, and its eraseability is retained longer than epoxy-based brands.  With quicker curing time, three days compared to up to seven days for other brands, put it to work sooner without having to wait. It even retains its zero ghosting characteristics exposed for over a month at 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Your team will do more.  Much more.

Imagine any wall transformed into a blank canvas for creative collaboration. As big or as small as you like it, boosting communication and information sharing that unleashes new ideas, reveals options, and opportunities.  An empty wall becomes a center for generating the next great idea.  Instead of hanging non-productive decorative filler we all become blind to, formerly idle wall space delivers impressive ROI from an affordable investment..

The possibilities are simply limitless.

Wherever a great idea is born, now it can be captured and shared with everyone. No longer too big for an expensive dry erase board that doesn't quite comes clean, or too dramatic for a PowerPoint or projector that can’t capture it.  It's great news for all kinds of businesses, sales offices, classrooms, engineers and architects, interior designers, actually anyone who works in a fast paced, innovative setting. Now everyone can create without limits and participate as the next great idea is generated.

Dry Erase Paint - About UsDry Erase Paint - About UsDry Erase Paint - About Us