ThinkPaint – This is Serious Science

It's been that way for us since 1846

We're not new to this business. Our reputation has been built over 170 years. Nobody came up with an idea in his garage and fueled with a Kickstarter campaign and sexy website then farmed out the product's production offshore without quality control.

Manufacturing the very best is what we do

Although we didn't invent dry erase paint we're proud to make the very best. And we'll never stop perfecting it because that's been our way of manufacturing since the start of our company back in 1846.

Seagrave Coatings has chemists on staff, not just an outsourced R&D Lab. Their mission is to continually seek to create the next great product. Our chemists have two benchmarks to reach: the highest dedication to solving customer problems and unwavering commitment to delivering the finest paint products at a truly affordable price.

The Competition Just Can’t Compete


ThinkPaint – A Better Value in Every Way

  • Good Business Sense. For maintenance or capital expense items.
  • Cures Faster. Cures Faster. Paint Friday afternoon, use on Monday.
  • Repairability. Touch up kits for your handyman, not a painter.
  • Manufacturer Credibility. In business for 170 years says it all.
  • Chemists On-Staff. Up to date pros dedicated to improvement.
  • Made in the USA. By skilled, fairly treated union employees.
  • Customized for You. To your requirements, even NO VOC.
  • Better Appearance. Easier to erase and longer lasting.
  • Custom means Custom. Anti-glare or whatever you need.
  • Quality First. Easier install, a harder surface, longer durability.
  • Application Options. Brush, roller or spray for a smooth surface.

ThinkPaint - Superior Performance in Every Way

  • Lower Cost. Approximately 1/3 less than cost of whiteboards on a cost per square foot basis.
  • Better Cover. At 5 mils gives 100% hiding and longer erasability.
  • Just One Coat. A thixotropic index of 6, applied in one coat.
  • Superior Chemistry. Aliphatic polyurethane not epoxy.
  • Superior Durability. Sunlight resistant, and less loss of gloss.
  • Faster Curing. Ready to use in 3 days not 4-7 days to save time.
  • Higher Gloss. Longer retention and more erasable – even up to 4 weeks.
  • Less Odor. Less solvent used in paint and less flammable- No Red Label Warning needed.
  • Less Orange Peel. Get a smooth surface when applied with a roller.
  • Spray-Apply. Thins easily for an even smoother, erasable finish.
  • No Ghosting. Even for walls with marker left up to 4 weeks at 100F

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